Glass Cast
Hand and Foot Print

for baby's anniversary.

TOP EXHIBITION Profile Glass Market Pieces

Photo Frame \12,500(


Hand and Foot Print \5,000( 1 piece
  • The size of your baby's hand/foot is available up to 12cm.
  • And the figures and sizes will be different one
    depends on baby's hand/foot.

hand How to make mold

  1. Press the baby’s hand or foot onto dental casting resin for approximately 30min.
    (need warm and cold water) To make an initial mold.
  2. After the resin has been set, pour plaster into the initial mold.
  3. (Step 1 and 2 are done in front of you)

  4. Press the plaster mold to casting sand, and pour the molten glass into it.
  5. 【元原稿】 Let the glass to get annealed.

    【提案文】 Let the glass anneal (leave until it harders ).

    It will take a few months to delivered.


hand Where to take the baby’s hand/foot print

We usually take the prints at your home (if there’s some difficulties, let us know).

We charge expense for transportation, but if you order more than 4 pieces, it will be free of charge.

hand How to order

Please contact to the below address

To: 3-39-6-1003 Mukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0033
Cell: 080-1276-5702
Tel/Fax 03-3623-5190

If you would like to contact us by mail or fax,
please show us the below informations.
The nearist Station:

If you don't mind ...
Babay's name and birthday:
The date making the mold
(eg. September 10 on Monday etc...).

update : March 2014
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